Upcoming Webinar: Green Ramadan
Wednesday, May 2 at 8pm Eastern

One’s faith commitments are critical for many as to how they perceive the world around them and their responsibilities as a citizen upon this earth. Ecological degradation has become the existential issue confronting the natural order which is not only part of social and economic problems but more importantly it is a moral and ethical issue. In less than a month, Muslim communities around the world will be joining the Sacred Month of Ramadan which ultimate goal is to purify us and brings us closer to our Creator using those things at our reach. Through this process of purification, we can look at our food consumption and our lifestyle as tools to obtain those benefits of Ramadan. So, what are the steps to make our Ramadan more environmentally friendly this year?

Presenters: Helen Azarian, Huda Alkaff and Nana Firman

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