The Islamic Society of North America is pleased to announce the following scholarships for Muslim American students pursuing a college education in the United States:

    Scholarship Application Cycle will open on September 1 for the 2019-20 Academic Year:

    Dr. Abdulmunim A. Shakir Scholarship
    Given his strong belief in the value education, Dr. Shakir arranged for a scholarship fund to be established to support freshmen students in their first year of higher education

    • Twenty Students Awarded $1000 Each
    • Any Field of Study

    Aziz Jamaluddin Scholarship
    Given his strong belief to have a generation of educated Muslims to speak out and communicate the true meaning of Islam in all types of media, the Jamaluddin family arranged for a scholarship fund to be established to support five students each year throughout their education in the fields of Journalism and Political Science.

    • Ten Awards of $4000
    • Journalism or Political Science

    The Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Scholarship
    The Islamic Society of North America is pleased to have been selected by Dr. Hamid Sheikh to host an endowment dedicated to a scholarship in Islamic Studies and/or Journalism the name of his mother Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh.

    • Award varies
    • Islamic Studies
    • Journalism

    Plainfield Muslim Women for Better Society Scholarship
    One Plainfield High School senior and one full-time Indianapolis Islamic High School senior that meet the following criteria will be awarded $500 each: 

    • GPA: 3.5 and above
    • American Citizenship and Permanent Residency 
    • A minimum of 20 hours of community service
    • Majoring in a field related to human services
    • Two letters of recommendation; one from a high school counselor and one from a community leader
    • Student must demonstrate a previous history in helping other students (e.g. mentoring a student, or standing up against bullying)

    One full time Islamic School teacher and one weekend Islamic School teacher that meet the following criteria will be awarded $250 each to attend the ISNA Education Forum: 

    • First time attendance at the Education forum
    • Prior service as a teacher in the school for at least 2 years and committed to serving for at least 1 additional year
    • Letter of recommendation from the school principal
    • Demonstration of the following values: care, competence, teamwork, respect and patience
    • Must agree to help transfer knowledge gained to other staff at their institution upon return
    • Involvement in community service is highly recommended

    Islamic Development Bank Loan Scholarship
    The IDB Scholarship is offered mainly for Medicine and Engineering but the following areas of study are also included: Pharmacy, Nursery, Nutrition, Veterinary, Dentistry, Medical Technology, Agriculture, Food Technology, Forestry, Fishery and Computer Science. (If Engineering is chosen, the branch of Engineering preferred must be mentioned as well).

    • Five scholarships of $15,000 each year for four years will be awarded.
    • Students need to have proof of admission in the above areas in order to be eligible

    Amana Mutual Funds Scholarship
    Amana Mutual Funds endeavors to align investments with principles. They follow a value-oriented approach consistent with Islamic finance principles. Providing this scholarship through the Islamic Society of North America, allows AMANA Mutual Funds to continue to build upon its principles and provide further support for the American Muslim community.

    • One Award of $2500
    • Finance, Economics, or Mathematics


    For more information, please contact our ISNACares team by email


    *You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident attending a US based accredited institution to be eligible for ISNA scholarships.

    *We are unable to provide funding for unique cases that fall outside the scope of the scholarships we currently offer.