Film Festival

The Film Festival will be organized at the 2018 Annual ISNA convention on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (August 31 – September 3, 2018). The selected movies and documentaries will be played at the convention.  Producers and directors will be given an opportunity to talk about the movie as well as to answer questions from the attendees.

If you are interested in submitting your film for this year’s festival, please fill out the form below and mail a copy of your movie on DVD to address listed below.

Criteria for Film Festival:

  • Film submissions should be no longer than 30-35 minutes
  • Short films are acceptable (up to 15 minutes)
  • Curse words/foul language is not acceptable (should be bleeped out)
  • Should be mindful of ISNA’s policies when including violent scenes

Please note:

  • Films/documentaries must reflect some element of Islamic history, spirit, values, ethics, etc.
  • A panel of judges will review the films and make final selections. The selected films will be played at the 55th Annual ISNA Convention (August 31 – September 3, 2018).
  • Once final decisions are made, applicants will be invited to the ISNA annual convention and offered free registration and viewing of the film.
  • ISNA reserves the right to accept or decline submissions.
Film Festival Registration Form

Please mail a copy of your movie on DVD to the following address:

ISNA Conventions Department
Film Festival
P. O. Box 38
Plainfield, IN 46168



Phone #: (317) 204- 4542