MYNA Texas Winter Camp

This Event is Closed

Date: December 24th – 30th
Campsite: Ascend Camp and Retreat Center
Address: 5218 Kiwanis Rd. Dallas, TX 75236
Cost: $365

The winter camps’ theme will be “Following in His Footsteps,” a seven-day retreat exploring the life of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the lens of the Qur’an. Our Prophet was the best of mankind, a walking example for us to follow. His life, his story, his teachings–all contain incredible spiritual, practical, and ethical teachings for us to follow. Many of these teachings can be seen with intense reflection and analyzation of the Holy Qur’an, the map and compass that will ultimately, God willing, lead us to Paradise. This camp’s lectures and workshops hope to truly put campers in our beloved’s shoes by walking them through his life through revelation.
Camps open to youth ages 12-19 (11-year-olds will be put on a waiting list).