Matrimonial Event at the 55th Annual ISNA Convention

    This Event is Closed

    Two matrimonial banquets will be hosted at the 55th Annual ISNA convention.

    These banquets will provide you the opportunity to meet and interact with other Muslim singles in a safe and Islamic way.

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Nikah (marriage) is my Sunnah”.  He also said, “When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half”.  Our mission is to help Muslim singles in taking the first step towards fulfilling this Sunnah.

    We are committed in bringing Muslim singles together in accordance with the Islamic principles and guidance. Our unique event facilitates the participants to meet each other in a relaxed and informal environment.

    Because of short rotation time among groups, we ask you to prepare in advance. Reflect on questions that matter to you and provide information to others about yourself.


    Terms and Conditions:

    Your cooperation and compliance during this event is important to the success of this program.  If any participant is seen harassing others, displaying un-Islamic behavior, or causing any other disturbance, they will be escorted out of the program immediately.

    To maintain order at this event, ISNA reserves the right to cancel your registration at any time and remove any person whom it deems necessary to maintain order or for any such reason. No registartion fee refunds will be given in such cases. 

    Modest Islamic attire is required.

    Shorts, sleeveless and/or see through outfits, low necklines, and skirts above ankles are NOT allowed. 

    ISNA requests you to provide accurate information. ISNA will not take responsibility for any false information provided by registrants. Deliberately registering with false information will result in termination of registration. You will not receive a refund under such circumstance. 

    As an added perk, everyone who register for the matrimonial banquet(s), will receive a 20% discount on convention registration.

    If you have any special needs, kindly inform ISNA by email ( or phone call (317-838-8133).