The Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA) is different. MYNA is special. MYNA is not just another youth group. The reason behind this is simple - MYNA is dedicated for youth, and managed by youth. Unlike many other youth groups, our management structure is made up by its youth members who themselves develop and carry out initiatives, with adult advisors taking on a minimal role to mentor and guide them along the way. Over the past 30 years, MYNA has built an expansive network of empowered youth leaders and advisors across the United States and Canada - we not only bring one community together, but rather work to unify communities and regions together to form a larger community together. The friends you make at a MYNA retreat will be people you will always be able to rely on, talk to, and who will always support you, regardless of distance.

    Through its various leadership camps and other offered programs, MYNA not only empowers Muslim youth to become engaged and active leaders in their spheres back home, whether its religious, social, or even political, but gives them the platform and skills they need to succeed. The MYNA Nation is ready to help establish local leadership retreats and seminars, civics education, outreach events, counseling services, and much more all fine tuned to the needs of the North American Muslim youth community. 30 years after our founding, our alumni will agree that MYNA has had a large positive influence in their lives. Whether the support they got from their Muslim brothers and sisters at MYNA helped them start wearing a hijab, overcome social pressures at school, become student body leaders, or even start praying regularly, MYNA has helped each individual grow to be both strong in their faith and beneficial to society.

    Join the MYNA Nation today - Do the Deen.


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