ISNAConX Chicago is the place where the brightest ideas come to life.
It is the place where you can discover your passion for social good.

We're bringing the ISNA conference experience to the Midwest for ISNAConX Chicago.
Join us at the Westin O'hare for jam-packed programming that will help you discover your superpower in the company of amazing Heroes and Sheroes from your own community.

Develop Annual Sustainability

Successful fundraising is an ongoing process. As you continue to identify new donors, you also need to maintain good relations with current donors and encourage them to repeat and increase their giving. Learn and strengthen the fundraising skills that can sustain your organization including mail, online giving, major gifts, and special events. If you're seeking to develop annual sustainability, this event is for you!

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ISNA and Half Our Deen Are Getting Hitched!

This year ISNA has partnered up with Half Our Deen to host the ISNA matrimonial event in Chicago on April 20th. Half Our Deen has taken a revolutionary approach at matchmaking by replacing the broken speed dating process with their unique activities and games that allow you to learn about others in a more natural way. They have over 2000 success stories and have held 31 events all across the United States and Canada. Their last event in Chicago resulted in 44 matches making it the most successful matchmaking event in the United States.

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Education Forum Heads to the Midwest

It's the most widely attended event, which promotes excellence in education (Pre-K through 12th-grade). The program includes four amazing tracks, including 6 pre-conference workshops and more than 30 sessions. Don't miss the early-bird registration deadline, March 25.

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Giving Our Youth a Platform in Chicago

MYNA is different. MYNA is special. MYNA empowers Muslim youth to become engaged and active leaders in their spheres back home, whether it's religious, social, or even political, by giving them the platform and skills they need to succeed. Join us in Chicago for Spring Camp as we embark on a journey to understand Allah’s mercy, how to seek his forgiveness, and how to forgive others.

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The Prophetic Mosque Workshop

How was the Prophet (s) able to inspire a generation of leaders who not only changed their community, but changed the world forever? It wasn’t just what he said and what he did, but how he made his companions feel that stands out. More than just a pulpit and prayer, the Prophets masjid was a place for peace, partnership and empathy. Join us as we learn from the Prophet’s (s) masjid and explore how to empower the next generation of Omars, Abubakrs, and Aishas.

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