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    Islamic Society of Central Jersey celebrates 40th anniversary

    The Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ) has celebrated its 40th anniversary on Dec. 12 at Pierre’s Restaurant, Georges Road, in the Monmouth Junction section of South Brunswick. During the event, the ISCJ community honored its founding members and praised their vision and contributions….

    7 most interesting holy sites in Indiana

    Indiana isn’t always synonymous with religious diversity, but look carefully around the state and it’s not hard to see some significant shrines and holy places from an array of faith groups and traditions. They range from the earthwork mounds at Mounds State Park — believed to have been used for religious gatherings as far back as 160 B.C…

    US Muslim leaders organize in response to bias, harassment

    American Muslim leaders are planning voter registration drives and open-house days at mosques to fight a rise in anti-Muslim harassment. US Muslim leaders also pledged to counter recruitment efforts by extremists, such as those conducted by the Islamic State. The plans were announced Monday in Washington…

    Islamic Leaders Hope to Improve Understanding, Dialogue Nationwide

    The Nueces Mosque is Austin’s first mosque. It opened in 1988 a couple blocks west of the University of Texas at Austin campus. Since then, about a half dozen mosques and Islamic cultural centers have opened across the region. But Imam Shaykh Mohamed-Umer Esmail says this may be the most challenging time to be a Muslim in […]

    Why are non-Muslim women wearing the hijab?

    A Wheaton College professor who has been placed on administrative leave after posting photos of herself in a traditional Muslim headscarf has become the latest non-Muslim to publicly wear the hijab to convey solidarity with those who practice Islam. The gesture reflects a growing drive to don the hijab in a show of support for the […]

    Congressman: ‘Our Largest Domestic Threat Comes From Racial Supremacist Groups’

    Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), one of two Muslims in Congress, says he’s more concerned about white supremacists than Muslim terrorists. “I just saw a report where the white supremacist group Stormfront — this has been a call to action, the rhetoric that we’re seeing. It concerns me. “I think that most of our largest domestic threat comes…

    Coachella Valley mosque fire: It was arson, say authorities

    A Southern California mosque was damaged in a fire that authorities said was intentionally set. Flames were reported just after noon Friday at the Islamic Center of Palm Springs, according to the Riverside County Fire Department. The fire was contained to the small building’s front lobby, and no one was injured. By late Friday..

    Gov. Mike Pence declines to meet Syrian refugees today

    The state’s chapter of the Syrian American Council hopes to schedule a meeting between Gov. Mike Pence and refugees living in Indianapolis in coming weeks. The group invited Pence to a meeting Friday night during which it plans to introduce three families to the public to foster understanding for their plight, and of the security…

    Being a Black American Muslim Woman – A Study of Challenges

    On November 21st, the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative kick-started the #BlackInMSA hashtag. It began with a conversation on our steering committee’s WhatsApp group about the current tensions between black students and their non-black peers in Muslim Student Associations the night before. This conversation was important…

    Muslim Americans Search for Political Voice in U.S.

    Muslim Americans are enduring some of the sharpest attacks on their faith in recent memory, and they find themselves without a strong political voice to counter them. The multiethnic community has largely been relegated to the sidelines of the contentious national conversation currently unfolding about the role of Islam in the U.S…