Hope & Guidance through the Qur’an

Introducing the New Process for Parallel Session Proposals

For 2017, we are introducing an enhanced process for parallel session proposals.This year we are requiring that individuals be associated with an organization ( i.e. Islamic center, masjid, a non-profit organization, or for-profit organization) to submit a proposal.

Each organization would have to a) make the case as to why their session fits the theme; b) submit a maximum of three (3) panel suggestions; and c) no more than two (2) will be accepted per organization. In order to reduce the cost to ISNA for hosting each participating organization, organizations will be required to submit a fee of $500.00 for each proposal accepted. This fee will allow each organization to receive complimentary registration for up to two (2) speakers and one (1) moderator for each panel. Limiting the submissions to organizations, setting a maximum number of submissions, and finally adding an acceptance fee will streamline the proposal review and acceptance process.

ISNA is committed to broadening participation. If a proposal is accepted, but the submitting organization demonstrates financial hardship, we will make necessary accommodations to ensure participation.

Guidelines for submissions
(Please read carefully)

The Islamic Society of North America is inviting proposed session proposals for parallel sessions for the 54th Annual ISNA Convention to be held on June 30th – July 3rd, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

The ISNA Convention Program Committee (CPC) has come up with an exciting theme, “Hope & Guidance through the Qur’an,” for this year’s convention.

During 2016, we have seen incredible concerted and collaborative efforts on the part of the Muslim communities to promote the teachings of Islam and to engage not only with each other but with allies and partners within society at large. These efforts are a positive response to the rise of anti­-Muslim bigotry.

As challenges facing Muslims intensify, the Qur’an now more than ever serves as a source of hope and guidance. This year’s convention will be held just as Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan. In addition to fasting, Ramadan is the month in which the divine gift, the Qur’an was revealed. The Prophet serves as our example on how to internalize and practice the Qur’anic message. Join thousands of Muslims to carry on the lessons of Ramadan, year round, through the appreciation and application of Divine Speech.

Important Background Information:

  • We’re working hard to bring you a convention that is engaging and inspiring. We have responded to calls for reduction in the number of proposed session for each track. Therefore, there will only be 10 proposed sessions total.
  • Even if your proposal meets the submission criteria, the CPC may need to make necessary changes to your proposal in order to meet the broader goals of the convention program.
  • All speakers must have been independently contacted by your organization to know their willingness and availability prior to submitting their names.
  • Once your proposal has been accepted, your organization is responsible for contacting and confirming speakers.
  • Please provide biographical and contact information for all your proposed speakers and the moderator.
  • All accepted proposals will incur a $500 charge. This charge will include registration for speakers and the moderator.
  • Only speakers and the moderator, will receive registration. All other expenses (travel, hotel, food, etc.) must be arranged by the organization.

Criteria for Acceptance:

The Program Committee will review and accept or decline suggestions according to the criteria listed below. Sessions should:

  • Adherence to the convention theme and the topical areas mentioned above.
  • Be relevant to American Muslims and their communities. Educate the audience about a specific subject matter.
  • Be in lecture format or hands on workshops
  • Provide the audience with useful tools, skills, data and references.
  • Include a maximum of 2 speakers
  • Include a moderator
  • Include a question and answer period that is NOT LESS than 15 minutes. (The entire time period for a session is 60 minutes, including the moderator’s introduction of not more than 3 minutes and the total of presentations not to exceed 45 minutes).
  • Session title must not be longer than 8 words
  • Session description not be longer than 75 words
  • Additional consideration will be given to sessions which promote diversity in speaker thought and background.

There are only a limited number of proposed sessions available. In order to fulfill the overall objectives of the convention, as well as accommodate those submitting suggestions, the Program Committee reserves the right to modify session titles and descriptions.

Submitting your proposal:

  • Please use the below form to submit a proposed session proposal.
  • All proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, February 15, 2017. There will be no exceptions.
  • All proposals must be submitted by an organization. Proposals submitted by individuals will not be accepted
  • Each organization is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 proposals.
  • Each organization will only be allowed a maximum of 2 accepted proposals, preferably with different presenters for each proposal.
  • Payment will be required for each accepted session
  • Payment information must be submitted when you are submitting your proposal. You will only be charged after your proposal is accepted.
  • Proposals that are incomplete, difficult to read or late will NOT be considered. For program related questions please email programs@isna.net.