Bazaar and Trade Show

We believe that economic activity is vital for the development of any community. Not surprisingly, one of the main events in the Convention is the “ISNA Bazaar (Trade Show)”. More than 300 vendors and businesses participate in the ISNA Bazaar consisting of more than 500 booths. Participants sell, promote, and market their products and services to a large customer base. Because the Convention represents a broad spectrum of the Muslim community in America, this show also acts as a niche market for businesses. The Bazaar also provides an opportunity for businesses to communicate, understand, and cater to the needs of their customers.

Because of the large attendance & excellent logistics, businesses are given a number of ways to showcase and market their products. These include display or vending booths, print advertisements in the Convention program book, company banners, video advertisements on the large main hall projection screens, registration panel advertising, and a number of other promotional items. Islamic Horizons, the flagship magazine of ISNA, with its large readership, offers an excellent medium to reach the Muslim niche of the North American market.

ISNA organizes a bazaar at the Annual Convention with more than 500 booths.

Bazaar Booth Reservation