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Inter-Religious Dialogue Seeks to Build Peace, Understanding

Recent world events and statements from politicians focused on people in Muslim communities and the Islamic faith have created an uneasy stir, raised fear and concern. What it has also done, though, is to bring people, Catholics and Muslims, together. Through dialogue opportunities that educate and profess a stronger bond for these alliances..

Grassley raises concerns on prisons using terror-tied groups to vet Islamic chaplains

A top Senate Republican is warning that the federal Bureau of Prisons could be letting Muslim groups with terror ties vet chaplains and religious instructors, increasing the risk of indoctrination and radicalism behind bars. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, in a letter to the agency, flagged “recent revelations…

Online Quran lessons become booming business in Pakistan

Pakistan has become a global hub for online Islamic training courses as more and more people in western countries become interested in studying the Quran, Washington Post reported. The business of teaching from thousands of miles away, using new technologies such as Skype, is booming because there are not enough mosques…

Mississauga organization welcomes Syrian refugees with open arms

More than 200 Syrian refugees got a warm welcome to their new home earlier this month from the members of Mississauga’s Islamic Society of North America Canada. The newcomers were welcomed at the event on Jan. 17 that was organized by ISNA’s Syrian Newcomer Orientation Workforce, which was a collection of ISNA…

Moulton invites Syrian boy, double arm amputee, to State of the Union

Ahmad Alkhalaf, a 9-year-old Syrian refugee, lost both of his arms and three of his siblings during in an attack on a refugee camp inside Syria where his family was living two years ago.Tuesday night, he will become the face of the Syrian refugee crisis at the State of the Union address at a time […]

Muslim Health Professionals Continue to Live Their Faith Despite Bigotry

In the current wave of anti-Muslim hysteria, even Muslim health professionals are not immune to bigotry or racial hatred. After the San Bernardino shootings, a Muslim physical therapist in Southern California approached a patient. The patient refused treatment and asked the physical therapist if he was a terrorist. This is not an isolated incident..