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Indiana-based Muslim Group Supports Anti-extremist Rhetoric

Hoosier Islamic leaders are reacting to President Obama’s call for American Muslims to help stop the spread of terrorism. The President says that in the war on ISIS, American Muslim leaders must confront extremist ideology without excuse. Islamic Society of North America spokesman Edgar Hopida agrees…

Hoosier Muslims respond to Obama’s call to act

Hoosier Islamic leaders reacted this week to President Barack Obama’s call for American Muslims to help stop the spread of terrorism. The President said that in the war on ISIS, American Muslim leaders must confront extremist ideology without excuse. Edgar Hopida, of the Islamic Society of North America…

Muslim congressman reports death threat

Rep. Andre Carson, one of two Muslim members of Congress, said Tuesday he’s received a death threat he attributes in part to politicians “fanning the flames of bigotry.” Speaking on CNN about Donald Trump’s call Monday for a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States, the Indianapolis Democrat said such public…

Silver Point woman interprets at ISNA

A Silver Point sign language interpreter has a unique perspective on one of the largest religions in the world as someone who has stood on the sidelines for several years at the annual national convention of the Islamic Society of North America. Jenn Ulschak obtained National Interpreter Certification through the Registry of…

Understanding a Christian response to evil

In January 2008, leaders from the Islamic Society of North America joined leaders from the American Baptist Churches USA, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Alliance of Baptists to begin discussions on ways Baptists and Muslims can speak, share and learn from each other. Muslims were inspired by the Qur’anic verse: “O mankind! We have […]

How Muslims are using social media to reclaim their faith

When Marwa Balkar learned of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s support of a tracking database for Muslims, she decided she would not take his remarks lying down. “When I first heard Donald Trump’s comments, I wasn’t shocked because I feel like it was something Donald Trump would say,” she told CNN..

Islamic Society of North America holds conference in West Chester

At the close of a challenging week for Muslim-Americans in the community and in the country, the solemn strains of Friday prayer service at the Islamic Center in West Chester echoed with profound resonance Friday. As a diverse crowd of Greater Cincinnatians bowed and prayed, a young student from Miami University held a sign at..

Awkward exchange: Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher on terrorism and religion

CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Monday began with a profanity-laced discussion on the terrorist attacks in Paris and led into a broader – if relatively short – debate on faith and how to respond to militant Islamists. “Any time one of the country’s most famous Catholics sits down with one of its most […]

Amid anti-Muslim backlash in US, a call for compassion

When Zeinab Khalil first heard about Friday night’s terrorist attacks in Paris, she received an anxious phone call from her mother. “I was in New York City and my mom called me telling me to stay indoors, that it may not be safe to be outside right now,” writes Ms. Khalil, a graduate student of global […]

ISIS, ISIL, Daesh — explaining the many names for terrorists

Q: Al-Qaida is al-Qaida. Hamas is Hamas. But the Islamic State can be “ISIS,” “ISIL” and “Daesh.” Why so many names? A: Put the group’s Arabic name into the translation machine, and you get different renderings in English. The first part of the original name — Dawlah islamiyah fi al-Iraq wa Bilaad al-Shaam — is straightforward…